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Niños en Xela makes it possible for children from poor families to attend school. We support them by paying enrolment fees, school material and uniforms. Furthermore, we help the children with their homework and provide them with further tuition. We organize workshops on important topics, like health, hygiene, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, children’s rights, domestic violence etc. several times during the school year. We expect from the children that they attend school regularly and show effort and motivation.

Before we include a child into the project, the project coordinators realize a socio-economic study and clarify if the family really needs the project’s support. If this is the case, as a second step we enroll the child in a public school. The cost for the enrolment is assumed by the project. Regular visits to the children’s different schools and keeping in contact with teachers, directors and social workers is one of the coordinators’ tasks. If a child has problems with certain subjects at school we help it with additional tuition and homework assistance. Depending on the child’s interest in studying, his or her grades and social and financial situation we support and accompany them until they finish vocational school.